Your bee colony under control

A comprehensive system for electronic monitoring of bee colonies, online presentation of results and their evaluation together with records of all activities of the beekeeper.


Monitoring 24/7

With ProBee monitoring system your bees are safe. You will immediately notified if your bees need attention.


The recordings from the sensors and the beekeeper's notes are available indefinitely.


The hive diary allows you to prepare before a trip to the apiary using sorted notes from the past and information from sensors.

Easy installation

All devices are prepared for "plug and play".

Real-time alerts

ProBee detects a number of critical situations and can quickly alert you via SMS or email.

No special knowledge is needed

Die Bedienung des Systems ist einfach, Sie benötigen lediglich einen Internetbrowser auf einem PC, Tablet oder Mobiltelefon.

ProBee monitoring system


GPS position

Shock sensor warns of possible hive crash, GPS transmitter can report the position of the hive after its illegal movement.


Weight measurement

It is not only useful to know the development of the hive weight during the harvesting period. Changes in weight correspond very well with changes in the population of the beehive.


Acoustic analysis

By analyzing sound phenomena in our data center, we can clearly determine the reasons for the increased excitement of the bee colony, such as the absence of the fertilized mother, lack of care or, on the contrary, a significant clutch of eggs, overheating of the bee colony on hot days, illness and swarm mood.

App for beekeepers ProBee


Colony inspection

Machen Sie individuelle und kollektive Aufzeichnungen über Ihre Aktivitäten im Bienenhaus schriftlich oder per Spracheingabe. Auf beliebig vielen Bienenständen können beliebig viele Bienenvölker angemeldet werden.



Es empfiehlt sich, die Arbeit am Bienenstand entsprechend den bisherigen Aufzeichnungen und der Wettervorhersage zu planen.


Everything in one place

Alle Aufnahmen sind über jedes Gerät an einem Ort verfügbar und können von mehreren Benutzern geteilt werden.

Products offered

Acoustic and temperature sensor with transmitter

It takes temperature and sound frequencies every few minutes and transmits to the central unit.

4,50 EUR/month

Central unit

It collects data from temperature and acoustic sensors within a range of several tens of meters and sends them in bulk to a computer center for analysis. Its results are displayed to the user on the internet portal.

14,50 EUR/month

Hive scale

Device for regular measurement of hive weight. Development is shown graphically in the ProBee application, and beekeepers are notified of sudden changes.

12 EUR/month

GPS tracker

The built-in shock sensor warns of movement and the GPS unit sends the location coordinates to the map in the internet portal.

4,50 EUR/month


FullHD live streaming IP camera broadcasts continuously. An "island system" can also be provided - solar power and transmission via the mobile network.

14,50 EUR/month

We help beekeepers to keep the bee colony under control

IT company with many years of experience in the development of software applications coupled with many years of beekeeping work. The ProBee project emerged from the combination of these two areas - a system for electronic monitoring of bee colonies.

Founded by beekeepers for beekeepers

Monitoring the condition of the bee colony using modern technologies is useful for all categories of beekeepers.

Beginners need to find out what is happening in the bee colony and how to react to any irregularities they notice.

Meet our team

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